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Alberta Basic Security Training Course

/Alberta Basic Security Training Course

Alberta Basic Security Training Course

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Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

The Security Services and Investigator’s Act requires any person in
Alberta who works in any of the security service positions listed below
to have a license. To obtain this license an individual must complete a
mandatory training program and write a provincial exam. The course
outcomes for this training are intended to provide participants with
knowledge and skills in their role and responsibilities as security
professionals. Columbia College offers the Alberta Basic Security
Training (ABST) course.

Individuals who obtain a provincial license after taking this course may be employed in one of the following positions:ABST

  • Security Services (static or mobile)
  • Loss Prevention Worker
  • Executive Security (body guards)
  • In-house Security
  • Dog Patrol Services
  • Alarm Responders (those who physically respond; not monitoring a screen)

Graduation/Employment Success

Columbia College is excited to share that 93% of first-time writers
on the provincial exam who completed the Columbia College online course
and 91% of first-time writers who completed in classroom training
program successfully passed the exam. The provincial average success
rate for first-time writers is 78%. Completing either Columbia College’s
online or classroom training program will assist individuals in
achieving success on the provincial exam.


Columbia College offers the Alberta Basic Security Training Course by two main methods of delivery:

  • Online Course
    The online course provides the first two modules at no cost for the
    individual to try the course. Once the first two modules are complete, a
    payment of $110 will be required to complete the course. Please be
    advised there may be an additional sitting fee when writing your exam at
    any of our testing centers. Columbia College charges a sitting fee of
    $20 for the exam.

To access more information or to register for the online course, please click here to go to the website:

  • Classroom-Based Training Course.
    For more information regarding our classroom-based training course, please see below. If you would like to apply, please click here.

Program Description


  • Each participant will be provided with a course Participant Manual
    which complements the course materials, interactive discussion, and
    video-based exercises which make up this course.
  • The Alberta Basic Security Training course consists of seven modules
    to be taught in a classroom setting over a period of 38.5 hours.
  • Upon successful completion of the 38.5 hour security training course
    an individual will be eligible to write the mandatory provincial exam.

Course Delivery

Please refer to the options below for the various Course Delivery
options. Courses are offered full time and various part time options are
available. Please contact the department for current schedules.

Please note: Other delivery methods are available on an as-needed basis. Please call for more information.

For any questions please contact Columbia College at 403-235-9300 / (587) 316-1576 or by email at

Faculty Information

Click Here to see a list of Faculty Members for this course.

Course List

The seven modules which make up the Alberta Basic Security Training course are:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Security Industry
  • Module 2: The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals
  • Module 3: Basic Security Procedures
  • Module 4: Communication for Security Professionals
  • Module 5: Documentation and Evidence
  • Module 6: Emergency Response Procedures for Security Professionals
  • Module 7: Health & Safety for Security Professionals

Admission Requirements

To enroll in the course, individuals much meet the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Fluent in speaking English (Level 5 Canadian Language Benchmark)
  • No serious criminal convictions that have not been pardoned

ABST also Accepted in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

The BC, MB, and SK governments have accepted the ABST online course
as valid training and will be accepted to apply for your license in
those provinces. Please see the information before for your province.

British Columbia
The BC government will accept training from Alberta only when
accompanied with a valid security worker license from that province. In
the case of Alberta, the security license must also read “certified”.
This means that you must apply for your Alberta License first in order
to then apply for your BC license. Information on this piece of
legislation can be found at the following link:

The Saskatchewan government will accept a certificate for the training
done online from Columbia College for the ABST course. As Alberta will
issue licenses for anyone completing this online training. Saskatchewan
will be more than happy to follow their policy. Please see information
regarding writing the mandatory provincial exam and locations where this
can be arranged.

The Manitoba Government recognizes the ABST classroom or online course
as valid training. Once you have completed the course, successfully
passed the provincial exam, and received your certificate you would just
have to submit your certificate to be exempt from Manitoba’s mandatory

The Ontario government will only accept the classroom-based training in order to apply for a license in that province.

Authorized Proctoring Sites/Individuals

The following is a list of authorized proctoring sites/individuals as
per the Alberta Solicitor General’s office. Any cost associated with
using any of these will be the writer’s responsibility to pay due to
writing the exam outside of the Province of Alberta.

  • Public libraries
  • Testing Centres
  • Educational Institutions
  • Active/Retired Teachers
  • Licensed Professionals including Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants (CA, CGA, CMA), and Engineers
  • Active/Retired Police Officers
  • MLA/MP Offices

Tuition and Fees

Once enrolled in this Continuing Education course and received your
course materials, no refund will be issued. If you need to reschedule to
another course date, please contact the Program Coordinator at 403-

Tuition for the classroom based course at Columbia College $275
Exam Administration Fee for the Online Training Course $110
Sitting Fee at Columbia College for Columbia Online students $20
Sitting Fee at Columbia College for students who completed his/her training at another provider $50

Funding assistance may be available. Please visit an Alberta Works
Labour Market Information Centre nearest you for more information. For
more information about the funding, click Exposure Course Information.

Upon successful completion of an authorized security training course
an individual will be eligible to write the mandatory Solicitor
General’s provincial exam. The Solicitor General Registrar will issue
the individual license upon passing the exam with 80% or better.

The proctored exam fees are waived for those individuals who have
taken the Columbia College Alberta Basic Security Training
classroom-based course.

Mandatory Provincial Exam

Columbia College is a certified testing center for the ABST mandatory
provincial exam. Individuals who attend the Columbia College
classroom-based security training course will receive the provincial
exam free of charge. Please see fees above.

Exam Proctoring Schedule – September 2018 – August 2019

Exam Proctoring Schedule – September 2017 – August 2018

How to Register

For details on application, selection, admission, and registration
procedures please refer to the Admission Process and Information page.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the security training course an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of the 38.5-hour basic security training course.

Licensing Application Steps

  • Take 1 passport-sized photo and two pieces of government issued identification to the police service.
  • Have a member of the police service, peace office, or commissioner
    of oaths employed by the police service sign the back of your photo.
  • Request an employment Police Information Check (PIC) to include
    • CPIC
    • Vulnerable Sector
    • Local database
  • Do not submit your application until you have received your final
    documents or are informed by the police service that the documents will
    be sent directly to the Ministry.
  • Complete all sections of the application form (must be neat and readable) using a computer or print using CAPITAL letters only.
  • Sign both part 5 and part 6 (police do not sign your application).
  • Photocopy both sides of your government issued identification to include with your application.
  • Provide photocopies of proof of training.
  • Proof of citizenship or eligibility to work in Canada (e.g. a Work Visa).
  • Submit your application with all other documents, ensuring it is completed to:
    Security Programs
    PO Box 1023 Station Main
    Edmonton, AB T5J 2M1
    If using a courier:
    Security Programs
    Alberta Solicitor General and Public Safety
    9th Floor, 10365 97 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5J 3W7

Please click here to access a copy of the Security Services and Investigator’s Act (SSIA) License Application. If you have trouble opening this document, you may choose to save the document to your computer and it will save and open.

What Students Say….

“This Security Program is highly informative and not only the security Guards but each and every Canadian must be aware of it.
Secondly, the way the course material is organized and comprehensively arranged, Columbia College must be highly appreciated.
But the best Course ever.
Salutes to the Columbia College team.”
– Aftab Janjua, Online Course Completer

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